Introducing Intalytics’ Local Marketing Store Stimulus Package

This latest in a series of conversations with Jim Sellers—Intalytics’ Senior Director of Marketing Solutions—introduces a cost-effective, trade area-based customer profiling and advertising package to help operators with as few as three units rebuild foot traffic and sales volume as the economy continues to open up.

Q. Jim, in your first post after shelter-in-place restrictions were introduced, you laid out a number of considerations for marketers in the post-COVID world. You followed that up with a data-driven analysis of those shifts for a 1,000+ unit fast casual operator, including at the daypart level. A key theme throughout your thinking was the importance of monitoring shifts in your brand’s customer profile and drive-time trade area. But what can operators actually do that’s practical, effective, and affordable?

A. Intalytics is fortunate to have a unique perspective as we support national, regional, and local brands across a variety of sectors. While the impact of COVID-19 has been severe in some areas and less so in others, here are just three of the most common short-term challenges that marketers in our client brands have asked us to help them address:

  1. Foot traffic and sales volumes at individual locations are impacted to different degrees. In many cases these differences are significant from location to location, particularly for larger national and regional brands, but they’re occurring even within markets for brands with a smaller footprint
  2. Marketing and other controllable budget lines have been reduced to conserve working capital
  3. Shifts in customer profiles and drive-time trade areas have occurred, and these shifts are not necessarily consistent from location to location

To help brands address these challenges, Intalytics has developed a Local Marketing Store Stimulus Package that can be implemented at the location level.

Here’s how it works:

  • We tap our Massive Mobile Data (MMD) dataset and capture historical device data to create a detailed demographic, financial, and psychographic customer profile and drive-time trade area unique to your individual locations
  • Next, we overlay a proprietary Mobility Index score across your trade area. This near real-time GPS-based snapshot identifies geographic pockets where individuals are less likely to be sheltering-in-place and more likely to be moving about
  • Third, we build geofences around your target location and a handful of competitors you designate
  • Next, we deliver digital ads to the in-profile households that also fall within highly mobile pockets surrounding your location. These ads appear on devices as users surf the entire web, whether a local news channel site, a videogame, within any type of streaming content, or anywhere else—all outside of the major search engine pages
  • At the same time, we’ll deliver your ad to devices found at your competitor’s locations to keep your brand top of mind
  • Finally, we provide a comprehensive campaign performance report, including key metrics such as ad impressions served, click-throughs to your website, and device type. In addition, the campaign report includes Conversion Zone Tracking—a count of the number of devices served an ad that later appeared at your location

There are multiple benefits to this package:

  • The Customer Profile report you’ll receive includes a wealth of information on who your customers and prospects are and where they live—giving you valuable insight that can be put to work to inform marketing strategies and tactics in the future
  • The Mobility Index helps you understand consumer behavior within your location’s trade area in a near real-time basis
  • Competitive geofencing enables the delivery of ads to individuals doing business with your competition to capture upside market share
  • Delivering ads to your target audience across the entire internet—on whatever sites they’re spending their time—extends the reach and frequency of your marketing message
  • Detailed campaign metrics help you understand the effectiveness of your efforts, including conversion rates
  • A very affordable price point makes all of this available to you only for those specific locations you choose—making your marketing budget work harder and smarter

To get started, contact Intalytics here. We’re ready to discuss your brand’s situation and select the approach that makes most sense for your business.

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