Let’s go back to the beginning — and beyond.

Intalytics was formed in 2007, but our roots (and many of our client partnerships) go back much, much further. Our founders led and grew two different analytics practices dating back to the 1970s, building relationships that last to this day.

The Intalytics sign in the entry way of the Intalytics office.

On the surface, 2007 was a challenging time to start a firm focused on helping clients grow their store footprints and acquire new customers. Being problem-solvers at heart, we saw the financial crisis and economic slowdown in the late 2000s as providing Intalytics with invaluable time to think strategically. It gave us a chance to focus even more of our energy on perfecting our methodologies and developing many of the core solutions that continue to work for our clients to this day.

A Solid Foundation for Remarkable Growth

At Intalytics, we’re proud of the trust we’ve built with our clients — and the longtime partnerships that have come as a result. We keep growing together because our goals aren’t transactional, they’re transformational.

Our Team

While science matters in our business, people are a big part of the equation too. We think that’s the secret behind so many of the enduring professional relationships that we have formed. Learn more about us both professionally and personally.


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