Intelligent analytics.
Strategic growth.

The key to success isn’t knowing all the answers. It’s knowing how to find the right answers to the questions that matter most. Since 2007, Intalytics has served as a trusted advisor to clients seeking customized location intelligence solutions. Now as part of Kalibrate, we are proud to offer an expanded suite of solutions geared towards supporting the critical questions facing your business.

City with overlay to represent data. Store front highlighting potential location
Real Estate Solutions

Where do we grow from here?

Enhance your real estate strategies by partnering with the team that literally turned site selection into a science. Using reliable data and proven proprietary methodologies, we pinpoint precisely where your next move should be.

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Marketing Solutions

Who are the customers we need to succeed?

Refine your targeting with predictive solutions developed by marketers, for marketers. With deeper insights into your current customers and a clear, actionable analysis of what your ideal customer looks like, we’ll enhance your omnichannel strategies and execution to ensure your campaigns hit the mark.

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Real-Time Answers at Your Fingertips

Bring the future into sharper focus with the industry’s leading data visualization, forecasting, and reporting platform – Kalibrate Location Intelligence. This proprietary, SOC-certified SaaS solution empowers decision-makers across your entire organization with access to unparalleled predictive analytics and insights.