Predictive Analytics in the Time of COVID-19

Intalytics’ bread and butter is developing and leveraging predictive analytics to assist companies in making long-term capital investment, customer acquisition, and valuation decisions.  This includes solving for questions like:

  • What is the regional/national/global whitespace potential for a company?
  • How many stores should I build in a market, and what is their optimal deployment?
  • Will a proposed location provide the return on invested capital we are looking for?
  • What types of customers do I currently serve, and how can my marketing campaigns reach more high value prospects to maximize marketing ROI?

In the past two weeks, however, Intalytics has been asked to develop and leverage predictive analytics to inform near-term tactical decisions. A number of Intalytics’ clients are introducing or expanding curbside pickup and/or delivery services and have sought assistance to help prioritize units in that deployment. Intalytics evaluates a host of factors in these analyses, including:

  • Revenue Impacts – which stores are likely to experience the highest demand for this enhanced offering?
  • Consumer Convenience – which stores will provide convenient access (typically expressed as drive time) to the highest number of potential customers?
  • Competitive Impact – what impacts might proximate competitors and their product and service offerings have on store performance?
  • Physical Constraints – are there any stores whose layout and site characteristics (limited backroom space, limited parking or vehicular access) make them less appropriate candidates for curbside pickup?
  • Delivery Zones – what strategic constraints are important (keep drivers within some drive time of the store/restaurant), and how are overlapping areas assigned?

If you are interested in discussing various near-term strategies that your organization is contemplating, and how our customized analytics solutions might inform those efforts, please contact us at your convenience.

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