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Philz Coffee Partners with Intalytics to Expand their Unique Coffee Experience to New Communities

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ANN ARBOR, MI (December 11, 2018) – Philz Coffee, a San Francisco-based coffee shop that is known for their custom blends, has selected Intalytics to serve as its predictive analytics partner for market planning solutions.

“We look forward to providing Philz Coffee with a market planning solution that will help them achieve their expansion goals,” said Dave Huntoon, Principal of Intalytics.  “Our team is developing the analytical foundation upon which confident decisions regarding market entry and site selection will be made. As Philz Coffee works to further scale its reach nationally, our customized forecasting models will provide them with a data-driven solution to inform their real estate decision-making.”

Intalytics will develop a customized forecasting model that will provide Philz Coffee with the necessary insights to guide strategy and decision-making related to the placement of future locations. In addition, Philz Coffee will leverage Intalytics’ SiteIntel platform for ongoing data visualization, reporting, and forecasting needs.

“The most important thing to our company is our customers. In order to serve our patrons better, we are starting to embrace different types of technology. As part of this transformation and expansion, we believe Intalytics will help us reach our goals while we keep our focus on our customers,” said Jim McPhail, Chief Growth Officer of Philz Coffee.

About Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee opened their first location in San Francisco 25 years ago. Since then, the company has expanded to serving 47 communities throughout California and Washington D.C. At Philz Coffee, the customer’s experience is their focus as evident by the more than 15 signature blends and brews of coffee to satisfy the unique taste of their customers. For more information, visit


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