How the Kalibrate Acquisition Benefits Our Clients

Following the recent acquisition of Intalytics by Kalibrate, we sit down with Intalytics President Justin Tischler to learn more about how the acquisition benefits Intalytics clients.

Justin, what made Kalibrate stand out as a partner?

JT: During a recent Q&A with [Trade Area Systems President] Bill Dakai, I noted that it was very important for us that any partner really understand location intelligence.  Kalibrate has a longstanding global pedigree in this space, and through their recent investments they have shown their commitment to continued market leadership and expansion.

But beyond that, there is a culture of innovation and quality leadership common to our organizations – in our data science and in the solutions we develop to help our clients make better decisions.  Our clients make critical real estate investment and brand positioning decisions based in large part on our work, so it’s important that what we bring to the table is cutting edge, reliable, and grounded in reality so that we can give the best advice available.  We have found Kalibrate to share that same customer focus while also offering a great cultural fit, and we are excited to work together to develop even better solutions moving forward.

Can you talk about how you are working with Trade Area Systems (TAS)?

JT: First of all, the team at TAS has an in-depth understanding of what real estate research departments need out of their location intelligence partners – both from a platform and consulting perspective – so working with TAS has been really natural for us.

We have started supporting some of our mutual clients with common teams, and are beginning to deploy Intalytics models and analytics directly into TAS platforms in much the same manner as we continue to deploy our models and analytics within our SiteIntel platform.  This integration will provide our mutual clients with greater flexibility to equip their power users and desktop GIS analysts with our predictive analytics, and provides additional options for our clients who have needs that extend beyond what is practical in a web-hosted application.

How are Intalytics offerings complemented by Kalibrate and other Kalibrate Group companies?

JT: In this business, your ability to help your customer solve their key business questions is a function of the strength of your proprietary data science, the capabilities of your platforms, and the depth of experience that your consultants bring to the table.  By being part of Kalibrate, our global data and consulting capabilities expanded on day one.

What is really exciting though is looking at the unique solution sets across our brands – and I will say I have been impressed with the phenomenal data science and platform capabilities everywhere within Kalibrate Group that we are now privy to.  On the data science side, our team has been involved in a number of conversations with [Kalibrate Senior Research Scientist] Ben Pickering  and others. Starting with an assessment of the wealth of proprietary techniques across the group brands, we are effectively bringing together the best of what we all offer – a value proposition that will greatly extend the range and quality of our combined capabilities.

So what is on the horizon for Intalytics?

We will have more to share on our roadmap and some of the new ways we are helping our clients at the upcoming Kalibrate Fuel and Retail Innovation Summit this May.  We’re looking forward to co-presenting with our colleagues at TAS, eSite, and Kalibrate on many topics relevant to brands today – including omni-channel and digital transformation strategies, network re-optimization, applications of new and emerging data sets, and adapting to challenging market conditions –  as well as hearing from those brands first-hand in several client panel discussions.  We hope you’ll register and join us then.

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