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C2 Education Looks to Intalytics for Location-Based Insights

ANN ARBOR, MI (December 5, 2017) – C2 Education, the nation’s leader in test prep, has partnered with Intalytics to develop customized predictive analytics that will guide its real estate strategy. A forecasting model developed by Intalytics will also be deployed within SiteIntel, Intalytics’ proprietary speed of thought analytics platform, providing C2 Education with real-time access to insights that will inform decision-making moving forward.

“We appreciate the trust that C2 Education has placed in our company, and are honored to welcome them to the Intalytics family,” said Dave Huntoon, President of Intalytics. “As C2 Education works to further scale its reach throughout the U.S, our team will develop the analytical foundation upon which confident decisions regarding market entry and site selection will be made. The combination of custom predictive models and ability to leverage our SiteIntel application ensures that C2 Education will have the full suite of Intalytics’ real estate-oriented solutions at their disposal.”

“C2 Education provides unparalleled test preparation and tutoring services to families,” said Marty Moore, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, serving more than 12,000 students each week, we have a critical need for robust analytics and toolsets to assist us in executing the next phase of real estate decisions. We feel that Intalytics is a perfect match for these needs and are very excited by the impact that this partnership will have on our company.”

About C2 Education

C2 Education was founded in 1997 by David Kim and Jim Narangajavana, two Harvard students offering private tutoring programs from their dorm room. In 2000, C2 opened their first location in Maryland. As of 2017, the company has grown to over 180 centers nationwide. C2 serves over 12,000 students and their families each week. C2 is one of the premier SAT/ ACT prep and subject tutoring companies in the U.S., providing expertise with trained and often multilingual tutoring staff as well as a customized curriculum. C2 was the first test prep provider to write and publish student workbooks for the new SAT.


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