Providing the most innovative predictive analytics tools to our clients

Intalytics provides world-class predictive analytics tools and technologies to restaurants, retailers, financial institutions, healthcare providers, service organizations, and private equity firms that are seeking location-centric solutions.  For many of our customers, we function as their internal research department, employing our analytical expertise on their behalf while serving as their trusted advisor with respect to their most capital intensive (and unforgiving) decisions - real estate.

Customers that prefer to empower their internal staff with our predictive analytics capabilities often elect to utilize Software as a Service (SaaS) as a means to leverage Intalytics’ innovative tools and models.  With Intalytics’ SiteIntel delivery platform, clients generate insights in an intuitive, customizable environment that is designed to maximize ease of use.  Regardless of how we serve our customers, our unwavering goal is to collaborate with our clients to ensure that our solutions address their specific needs, providing them with the most accurate, actionable and innovative insights available in the predictive analytics discipline today.