Jonathan Wilson

Managing Director

Jonathan has long been fascinated by the study of why people shop, bank, eat and use services where they do. As a Principal at Intalytics, Jonathan loves applying his observations and the science behind them to solve marketing and forecasting challenges for clients. Jonathan oversees Intalytics’ statistical-based modeling, marketing and SiteIntel software teams, where he ensures that clients have the data and insights they need to make informed decisions about where and how to grow their business. Beginning with his work at Thompson Associates in 2001, Jonathan has been conducting and overseeing this model development for over 15 years.

Throughout his career, Jonathan has developed or directed development of sales-forecasting models for more than 500 retail, restaurant, education, public sector, financial, and service clients. His models and solutions have been placed at the nation’s largest home improvement, family apparel, office superstore, and department store chains, as well as in major casual dining chains, quick-service restaurants, and financial institutions.  Jonathan has contributed to the field expansively, developing and implementing major improvements and innovations to sales forecasting and marketing model development, intelligent trade area development, customer profiling, smart analogs, competitive analysis, and optimization throughout his career. In his current role with Intalytics, Jonathan manages the best-in-class predictive analytics delivery platform, SiteIntel, overseeing its functional innovations and improvements. He’s energized by the variety of work he gets to engage in, and the great staff and clients he works with every day.

Jonathan holds both a B.A. and Master’s degree in Spatial Modeling from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. He enjoys traveling, and can be found at Intalytics offices in both Ann Arbor and Dallas-Fort Worth.