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I am proud to have the opportunity to write the first blog on behalf of Intalytics.  Our company has experienced significant growth, particularly over the past two years.  We want to take this opportunity to share with you what, in our opinion, are the key factors driving our success.

Client Focus – Our primary mission has not wavered since we founded Intalytics in 2007: provide our clients with best in class analytics to assist them in making profitable real estate and marketing decisions, with a focused effort to always do right by our clients.  This focus is supported by the dedicated Predictive Analytics professionals on our staff, who serve more than 200 retail, restaurant, healthcare, banking, services, and private equity clients.

Methodological Advances – We continue to push the envelope with the methodologies, processes, and datasets that we use.  We remain committed to searching for the best possible combinations of data and approaches to serve each client’s unique and specific needs.

SiteIntel – We have had enormous success with SiteIntel, our cloud-hosted platform that provides clients with ready access to the store, sales, and demographic data, as well as the ability to generate sales forecasts, cannibalization impacts, and market optimization for proposed sites.  We currently have 55 brands from 25 different companies licensing our SiteIntel platform, are adding an average of one placement per month, and support hundreds of enthusiastic SiteIntel users.  Our current SiteIntel clients include retailers, restaurants, banks, healthcare firms, and services clients, with each placement customized to that client’s specific needs.  Further, SiteIntel readily integrates with Lucernex’s industry-leading IWMS products.

Marketing Services – With interest from existing clients for these solutions having reached a critical mass, we are pleased to now offer a full suite of analytical capabilities that address marketing-oriented needs.  We view this offering as complementary to our existing real estate capabilities and look forward to engaging with you on how we might serve as a resource in this regard.

Client Development – We recently hired Matt Montgomery, an industry veteran with 15 years of experience, to lead our sales and client development efforts.  Matt will be working with our client management team to identify companies that can benefit from the product and consulting services available from Intalytics.

Website – We have launched an updated website, to make it easier for prospective clients to efficiently learn out about Intalytics and how we can be of service to them.  In an effort to keep our clients, partners, and friends apprised of our activities, we will post blogs and provide relevant updates via LinkedIn and Twitter on a regular basis.  Be sure to bookmark our site and follow us – we look forward to engaging with you, and to have your feedback along the way.

Thanks greatly for taking the time to read this,

Dave Huntoon