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Value Gap Analysis – Not All trade areas are created equal

One of the fastest ways for marketers to improve results is to allocate marketing budgets where those investments are most likely to yield the highest returns. However, geospatial analytics are often overlooked in making these decisions. Intalytics’ Value Gap approach enables marketers to “fish where the fish are,” ensuring that resources are devoted to geographies with the highest upside potential for revenue, traffic, and market share growth.

Intalytics’ Value Gap analysis ranks each of your brand’s brick-and-mortar locations — or your online shopping footprint—on the basis of its market penetration rate, enabling a fact-based allocation of marketing resources. We compare the current performance of each location (or ZIP code, census geography, franchise territory, market, region, etc.) to its potential performance. Where the gap is high, we recommend a higher marketing investment. Where the gap is low, you’re able to underinvest.

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