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ANN ARBOR, MI (August 27, 2015) – Intalytics and StreetLight Data announced today that they have entered into an enhanced partnership to enable Intalytics to further leverage the StreetLight InSight® product suite. StreetLight’s proprietary technology transforms anonymous location data derived from mobile phones, connected cars, and other devices into actionable insights about population movement trends in the real world. Intalytics and StreetLight have already been working together for more than a year to determine how best to integrate cutting-edge Massive Mobile Data Analytics into sales forecasting and market screening models. This enhanced partnership will allow Intalytics and its clients to incorporate StreetLight InSight® Metrics into key analyses.

“We are very excited to strengthen our relationship with StreetLight,” said Jonathan Wilson, an Intalytics principal who manages the geo-­statistical modeling team. “The ability to access contemporary customer traffic patterns will enhance our ability to provide actionable solutions and recommendations to our clients.”

“StreetLight looks forward to continuing to work closely with Intalytics, a leader in the retail predictive analytics field,” said Laura Schewel, CEO of StreetLight. “We believe that this partnership is a real win for both firms, as well as those retail and restaurant operators who can benefit from our collaboration.”


About StreetLight Data

StreetLight Data delivers next-­generation geospatial business intelligence derived from massive mobile data analytics to support critical decisions and improve return on investment in marketing, site selection, and city planning. StreetLight’s dynamic, empirical, site and road specific analytics provide new insights into how people commute, shop and travel in the real world. StreetLight’s InSight® product suite is powered by the company’s proprietary RouteScience® technology.


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