Brain Balance Partners with Intalytics for New Location Data Analytics

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ANN ARBOR, MI (March 14, 2018) – Brain Balance Achievement Centers, a provider of cutting-edge programs for children with learning and behavioral issues, has partnered with Intalytics to serve as a predictive analytics partner for market planning solutions. Intalytics will develop a customized forecasting model that will provide Brain Balance with insights to help guide strategy and decision-making related to the placement of future centers.

“With the rise in ADHD diagnoses in the last decade, it is even more important that we bring our unique multi-modal program to more families across the U.S. and we believe Intalytics is the right partner to help us achieve our expansion goals,” said Chip Miller, CEO of Brain Balance. “The location data analytics that Intalytics provides will be key in facilitating the growth of our franchise operations into additional markets while assisting our company in working towards meeting our long-term growth plans.”

“We are excited to announce this partnership with Brain Balance,” said Dave Huntoon, President of Intalytics. “As Brain Balance continues to grow nationally, the need for an analytics partner that truly understands their business is critical. Since our predictive analytics are customized to their operations and industry, Brain Balance will have access to insights that they can feel confident integrating into their center expansion and market planning processes.”


About Brain Balance Achievement Centers

Since 2006, Brain Balance Achievement Centers has helped tens of thousands of children between the ages of 4 and 17 reach their academic, social and behavioral potential through a non-medical, drug-free approach. The personalized program integrates physical and sensory- motor exercises, academic skill training, and nutritional guidance to help address the root cause of many neurobehavioral issues. Today, there are over 100 Brain Balance Achievement Centers nationwide.


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