Intalytics provides a comprehensive suite of services that inform and shape successful real estate deployment strategies.  The analyses conducted by Intalytics are always grounded by an understanding of the factors that help drive successful location performance.  

Real estate services provided by Intalytics include:

Sales Forecasting Systems – Utilized to project sales for proposed locations.  Forecasting systems are deployed in SiteIntel, the industry’s best-in-class platform for real estate site selection.  Forecasting systems incorporate trade area definitions, and account for the impact of customer profiles, competitive impacts, store prototypes, site characteristics, and other relevant considerations on sales performance. 

Individual Sales Forecasts – Leveraged to understand the sales forecast, and accompanying cannibalization impacts, for a proposed location.  Sales forecasts can either be conducted in-office or in conjunction with a field evaluation of the proposed location.

Sales Transfer Studies – Conducted to quantify the projected transfer impact (cannibalization) that existing stores will experience concurrent with the deployment of a proposed unit.

Supportable Store Analysis / Market Optimization – Developed to estimate how many additional stores can be supported (and where they should be located) based on minimum sales and maximum cannibalization thresholds established by the client.

Acquisition Due Diligence – Commissioned to illustrate the whitespace (build out) potential for a proposed acquisition target.

The Intalytics team has significant experience conducting client field evaluations throughout North America.  This first-hand familiarity with retail concentrations is an invaluable resource in helping to ensure that our recommended real estate deployments are not simply academic exercises.;

Intalytics offers an analytical approach that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing marketing strategy.  Transcending traditional marketing approaches, Intalytics ensures that spatial variables are both accounted for and effectively utilized in all client solutions. 

Marketing services provided by Intalytics include:

Consumer Profiles – Created to gain a more detailed understanding of the individuals that you serve: by geography, by concept, by product / service offering, etc.  Level of insight varies based on client needs.

Acquisition / Retention / Reactivation Models – Developed by defining those characteristics that are essential in identifying individuals that will be receptive to your messaging.  Models can be constructed to support customer acquisition, retention and reactivation efforts, and adapt over time to factor in campaign responses.

Targeted Marketing Lists – Generated based upon profile findings, statistical models and/or client-defined variables.  True data agnosticism, leveraging the highest quality B2C and B2B datasets available for online and offline marketing efforts.

Campaign Measurement – Designed to illustrate campaign effectiveness while highlighting opportunities for future targeting efforts.  Measurement windows vary based upon client need, with multi-dimensional views into response rates by geographic region, drive-time, model rank, etc.

Marketing Data Warehouses – Constructed to meet the ongoing marketing needs of our clients.  Designed to provide a 360° view of your consumer, engagements feature scalable architecture, data security, proven hygiene processes and robust reporting capabilities.

The Intalytics team has decades of experience leveraging predictive analytics in guiding successful marketing campaign strategies.