Robert F. Kennedy

Bob has been continuously engaged in the field of location research since his career began as a research analyst at Allied Supermarkets (Detroit) market research department.  Before founding Intalytics, Bob's previous work in the location research consulting industry was as a Vice President of Howard L. Green and Associates and as the co-founder of the eastern office of Thompson Associates where he remained as an officer until its acquisition by MapInfo.  Bob spent several years with MapInfo as a senior director of client services until he co-founded Intalytics in 2007.

Bob has been the client lead for a wide array of retailers and restaurants throughout his consulting career including department stores, office supply superstores, drug stores, and furniture stores.  Further, he has vast experience working with all types of food retailers including conventional supermarkets, natural food stores, and supercenters.  Bob has overseen, or personally conducted, over 1,000 site studies for various retailers, as well as hundreds of database developments, market strategies, and consumer research studies.

Bob has given speeches and hosted seminars at many professional organizations including the Food Marketing Institute, the National Association of Corporate Real Estate Executives, and the International Council of Shopping Centers.  His education culminated in an MBA from Eastern Michigan University.