Intalytics and CAP Form Exclusive Mobile Database Partnership

Ann Arbor, MI (November 2, 2017) – Intalytics and CAP, a location intelligence company, have finalized an exclusive partnership focused on combining

Massive Mobile Data – Real-Time Insights When Natural Disasters Unfold

Intalytics' clients are reaping the benefits of our integration of Massive Mobile Data into our analyses. Beyond the more traditional applications of this

The Times They Are A Changin’*

One of the benefits of having worked in the predictive analytics industry for more than 40 years is the ability to put current retail trends in perspective. There has been a significant amount of

Dave Huntoon to Speak at Upcoming STI PopStats Research Conference

Intalytics is pleased to announce that Dave Huntoon will speak on the topic of massive mobile data as part of STI’s annual

The Acceleration of Shopping Center Destruction

Pundits and forecasters in the retail industry have been predicting the demise of the regional mall since the first boom in the early 2000s. There are several key factors

Massive Mobile Data – Not All Sources are Created Equal

What is Massive Mobile Data?
Retailers, restaurant, and service providers are abuzz over an emerging technology, known as Massive Mobile Data (MMD),

World Series Game 7 – Who Were Those Lucky Fans in the Stands?

We have written before about the significant value that massive mobile data (latitude/longitude coordinate data from location-enabled mobile devices) can provide in

Attending the Restaurant Finance Development Conference? Let's Meet!

For restaurant operators, franchisees, private equity firms and others, the upcoming Restaurant

Dave Huntoon to Speak at Upcoming ICSC Research Connections Conference

Intalytics is pleased to announce that Dave Huntoon will speak on the topic of massive mobile data as part of the upcoming

Massive Mobile Data – Poised to Revolutionize Predictive Analytics

The retail predictive analytics industry has seen several technology and data innovations over its history that have been truly revolutionary, including:

RECon Recap

The entire Intalytics team would like to thank our clients, prospective clients, business partners, vendors and others for a fantastic 2016 ICSC RECon!  We enjoyed a 35% increase in meetings from 2015, providing

Supermarkets – the Growth and Evolution of an Industry 

The grocery industry represents a case study in diversification over the past 30 – 40 years. Not racial or ethnic diversification, but an evolution to better address

ICSC RECon… It’s That Time of Year Again

Many events coincide with the arrival of spring – from March Madness, the Masters and the return of baseball, to Easter egg hunts and the greening of lawns.  For those of us who work in

How Does e-commerce Influence Your Brick and Mortar Strategy?

One of the most significant trends in retailing over the past 10 years has been the steady growth of e-commerce. The contribution of e-commerce to overall retail sales

Modeling in Direct Marketing

With the explosion in both “Big” and “Massive Mobile” Data, driven by highly sophisticated data acquisition technologies and methods, the ease with which consumer data can be collected, sourced and

A Bleak Holiday Season for Barnes & Noble

The 2015 Christmas season turned out to be a challenging time for many retailers in the U.S.  Online sales continued to grow, while brick-and-mortar sales were disappointing for many

Message From the President

I am proud to have the opportunity to write the first blog on behalf of Intalytics.  Our company has experienced significant growth, particularly over the past two years.  We want to take this